Sep 30

Minecraft Xbox 360: Adventure Nightmare in Cell #94 map Download

This map got made by DMSPGaming and got showcased by qdengler -#1 Source Minecraft Xbox 360 Maps. This is an adventure map called Nightmare in cel land in this map you wake up in a strange cell. The last thing you remember was the sound of sirens. You should try and get out. You basicly what your goal is, is to escape from the prison by completing a lot of puzzles and parkours. A lot of puzzles in this map have something to do with escaping or prisons which is really awesome. In one of the first puzzles you have to complete some small puzzles and parkour and collect a lot of sand to open a door which leads you to the second puzzles. The rules are: play on peaceful, no breaking blocks until told to, eyes of ender are your score, have fun and enjoy.

Minecraft Xbox 360: Adventure Nightmare in Cell #94 map Showcase: