Sep 06

Minecraft Xbox One: Best Seed (150+ Diamonds, Mob Spawner + More at Spawn)

This seed got found on Minecraft for the Xbox One by ibxtoycat and got showcased by qdengler – Minecraft Xbox 360/One & Playstation. The seed is called -1460420969. Those are the coordinates for all the diamonds:

4 Diamonds X:-159 Y:14 Z:255
6 Diamonds X:-182 Y:12 Z:254
6 Diamonds X: -413 Y: 13 Z:256
8 Diamonds X:-241 Y15 Z259
2 Diamonds X:-194 Y12 Z261
4 Diamonds X:-15 Y:13 Z: 258
4 Diamonds X:-357 Y:13 Z:185
3 Diamonds X:-212 Y:16 Z:222
6 Diamonds X:-427 Y:13 Z:242
3 Diamonds X:-107 Y:12 Z:242
5 Diamonds X:-129 Y:13 Z:239
5 Diamonds X:82 Y:12 Z:242
2 Diamonds X:-376 Y:14 Z:238
5 Diamonds X:145 Y:15 Z:254
7 Diamonds X:132 Y:13 Z:241
8 Diamonds X:-57 Y:7 Z:232
6 Diamonds X:-33 Y:15 Z:230
3 Diamonds X:-362 Y:14 Z:44
4 Diamonds: X:-269 Y:12 Z:261
5 Diamonds X:-323 Y:11 Z:260
5 Diamonds X:-390 Y:14 Z:222
4 Diamonds X:82 Y:14 Z: 218
2 Diamonds X:86 Y:14 Z:66
4 Diamonds X:64 Y:13 Z:87
5 Diamonds X63 Y:14 Z:50
2 Diamonds X:78 Y:8 Z:54 (under lava)
4 Diamonds X:31 Y12 Z-173 (Very Very close to lava)
Extra (added for this video)
4 Diamonds: X109 Y:12 Z:84
6 Diamonds: X:63 Y:13 Z:-73
4 Diamonds: X42 Y:9 Z: -418
5 Diamonds: X:167 Y:11 Z:-417
4 Diamonds X: 227 Y:12 Z:62 (near lava)
4 Diamonds X:-63 Y:13 Z:-221
2 Diamonds X:70 Y:14 Z:82