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Jul 01

Minecraft Xbox 360: Woodtopia Adventure map w/ Download

This is one of the best adventure maps ever made for the xbox 360 by Lion Maker and is showcased by #1 Source For Minecraft Maps! There are no words to explain how awesome this map is, the only way to understand is to play it urself. Watch the showcase video below, because in that video Lion Maker explains why his map is so awesome! Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 21

Minecraft Xbox 360: Escape The Bathroom map Download

This made is made by HighliteGaming and reviewed by #1 Source For Minecraft Maps! In this map, you’re a little mouse who is lost and is trying to escape the bathroom in which he is lost. You have to complete a lot of hard puzzles and parkour which i have never seen before. The rules are: play on any difficulty besides peaceful, no breaking or placing blocks, levers go on diamond blocks, you can destroy cobwebs, listen to the signs, dispencers work as chests, buttons go on soul sand and you can only play this map with one player.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 04

Minecraft Xbox 360: Run from the Beast map Download

This Map is a PC Remake of the map created by noahcraftftw called Run From The Beast which has been made by me on xbox almost exactly how it is on PC but the same just with redstone instead of command blocks. This map took me 2 Days to build and it was alot of fun to build and it is a fun mini-Game 🙂

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May 31

Minecraft Xbox 360: Giant’s Realm Puzzle map Download

This is a large puzzle/parkour/adventure map. It is a part remake of PC Minecraft’s Puzzlemaster but also includes new unique features. It includes different stages of parkour and different puzzles and uses checkpoints which don’t include beds for a change. Enjoy!


May 23

Minecraft Xbox 360: Contrast map Download

In this map, you have 5 stages in which are 4 puzzles which you have to complete to get a lever. With this lever, you can open the door. So there are 4 doors which you have to open to get to the next stage. Every stage gets harder and more challenging. At the end there’s an end boss which is reall

Dec 04

Old Skool Parkour Map Download for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Everyone loves to play a Minecraft Parkour Map, but originally Parkout maps have evlolved and there are a lot of new jumps and tricks you need to perform to complete the map, but not this one! This old skool map goes back to the roots of parkour maps and the only challenge is the jump, and the difficulty is how fast you can complete the map!

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