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Jun 25

Minecraft Xbox 360: 5 Ender Dragons in Overworld map w/ Download

This is a map made by Dark Lygofast and is showcased by Kodi | Minecraft Xbox 360. This is a map on which are five ender dragons in the overworld. This is really fun to make adventure maps / hunger games maps in or just to have fun with friends! Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 21

Minecraft Xbox 360: Gangnam Style Song map Download

This is a great remake of the song Gangnam Style. This map is made by fedex26922 and showcased by #1 Source For Minecraft Maps! The maker of this remake used noteblocks and redstone to make this awesome remake. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 17

Minecraft Xbox 360: Modded Nether and Overworld map Download

This is a new modded world. In this world, the nether is in the overworld and the overworld is in the nether. This map is made by CausticProduction and these two review videos are by also CausticProduction and RiderEvo. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 15

Minecraft Xbox 360: Hogwarts Remake map Download

This map is made by MrPlanetMinecrafter and showcased by SuperSaiyanGamerz. If you’re a big Harry Potter fan, then this map should be perfect for you! This is an incredible precise remake of Hogwarts of Harry Potter. The map include all rooms of the Harry Potter Movies and a lot more! Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

May 28

Minecraft Xbox 360: The End in the Overworld MOD map Download

This map is modded by the amazing modder called TrevCraftPro and the purpose of the map is to demonstrate world editor capabilities, he demonstrates this by inputting The End dimension into the Overworld. To make The End even more realistic it is floating and contains a void.


May 26

Minecraft Xbox 360: Void / No Ground map Download

oPryzeLP modded the map so there’s no ground in this map. You can build anything in this map: your own survival world or a custom map, it’s up to you. Now that we got this map, a lot more PC maps can be remade on the Xbox 360. Enjoy!


Minecraft Xbox 360: Void

May 14

Minecraft Xbox 360: 3D Rollercoaster Movie map Download

This is the worlds best designed rollercoaster movie ever made for the Xbox 360! This rollercoaster include 3 movies: Jurassic Parc, King Kong and Angry Birds. There are a lot of special effects in this map. You can have a ride with 1 other friends. Enjoy!


Minecraft Xbox

May 05

Minecraft Xbox 360: Level 255 Enchant Mod map Download

With this mod, your pick axe and sword are unbreakable and can break every block with just one hit. Your pick axe and sword are both enchantent to level 255. When you destroy a block with your pickaxe you get like 3 stacks of blocks and when you kill a pig with your sword, you get like 3 stacks of f

Apr 29

Minecraft Xbox 360: Map Mod map Download

This is a brand, brand new mod for the Xbox 360! With this mod, you can change the picture on the map. Read the rest of this entry »

Apr 14

Minecraft Xbox 360: MODDED WORLD map Download

This is the first map for the Xbox 360 which includes all mods! This map includes a Modded World Logo, enchantent blocks, items, armor and more, Giant zombie spawn eggs and Snow golem spawn eggs which are not in the game yet, purple blocks which are locked chests, pig spawners, dragon eggs, portals

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