Mar 09

Minecraft Xbox 360: CrysisCraft3 Paintball map Download

This is a paintball map which includes a LOT of redstone. This is a remake map of the map Airport of Crysis 3. These are the rules of the map: Turn off gamertaggs, Set the game to peacefull mode, Everyone must sleep to set spawn, Turn off autosave, No breaking or placing blocks because i twill break the game, Do not leave the arena, Once you die 3 times you will spawn back here, All the chests are empty so don’t bother, Once the game starts step on the wooden pressure plate once per life because i twill keep tracks of your live and the last rule is that if you see a purple wooden block a potion / armor will drop in 5 minutes.


Minecraft Xbox 360: CrysisCraft3 Paintball map Showcase:
Download CrysisCraft3 here