Oct 08

Minecraft Xbox 360: Economy ‘Plugin’ map Download

This map got showcase by qdengler -#1 Source Minecraft Xbox 360 Maps. This map is not modded with a Economy Plugin or anything because that’s impossible to do, but this map works almost the same as the Economy Plugin from the PC. Your currency is paper and there is a city in which there are shops and pubs in which you can buy clothes, food, weapons etc. Sof or example one wooden block costs you 1 Paper and one Bread 3 papers. There are shops, puzzles, pubs, boats, temples and so much more all over the map. The makers litteraly filled up the whole map with stuff that you can do. They also filled up most part of the caves with chests with papers and other stuff in it  So basicly what you do in this map is trying to survive. You can buy blocks and items with papers which you can find all around the map in random chest and after completing a puzzle for example. There are shops, puzzles, pubs, quests and all of these great stuff all around the map so that you won’t get bored fast. I’m deffinatly going to use this map as my survival world now because by this way it’s so much more fun to play minecraft when you can buy stuff and that litterally the WHOLE map is filled with stuff to explore and to complete. Enjoy!

Minecraft Xbox 360: Economy ‘Plugin’ map Showcase: