Sep 03

Minecraft Xbox One: Free Downloadable Content (Already Purchased)

1,2Great news for everyone that purchased a lot of stuff on Minecraft for the Xbox 360! 4jStudios confirmed today on Twitter that once you buy Minecraft for the Xbox One which will only cost you 5$ if you’ve already bought it for the Xbox 360 and if not, i twill cost you 20$, that literally ALL downloadable content players have ever purchased for the Xbox 360 Edition is available free for re-download on the Xbox One. This means that you get every single Texture, Skin or Mash Up pack that you bought on the Xbox 360 for free on the Xbox One. I know a lot of you were wondering if you had to buy all downloadable content on the Xbox One again and luckily this is not true. So all you need to pay if you bought Minecraft for the Xbox 360 before is just 5$ and you will have the game on the Xbox One wit hall downloadable content that you’ve ever purchased. I’ve purchased literally everything that 4jStudios ever brought out for the Xbox 360 so this is great news for me because otherwise i had to buy everything again. Let me know in a comment on this post what you have purchased the most: Texture, Skin or Mash Up packs on Minecraft for the Xbox 360. – qdengler – Minecraft Xbox & PS3