Apr 11

Giant Zombie Mod Download for Minecraft Xbox 360

The giant zombie mod adds huge zombies into Minecraft Xbox 360, this Minecraft Xbox Mod takes inspiration from the giant mobs mod of minecraft PC. The giant mobs are harder to kill and spawning too many can crash your world. The download below is for the map these mobs have been spawned into, at the minute there is no way to send around files and allow people to easily mod there Minecraft. But the 2nd video below shows you how you can make this mod for yourself, so you can spawn the mobs into any map.

DISCLAIMER: MCDN360.COM Do not condone the modding of minecraft xbox 360 files, we are simply showing the final product after the files have been modded & showing how to mod the files for educational purposes.

Giant Mobs Mod Showcase:


How to install the giant mobs mod for minecraft xbox 360:

You will need a number of applications on your PC to mod your minecraft xbox 360 files.


Download the Giant mobs Mod