Sep 25

Minecraft Xbox 360: Hide ‘n Seek map Download

This map got showcased by qdengler -#1 Source Minecraft Xbox 360 Maps. This is a really fun Hide and Seek map which is fun to play with three to eight people. For the PC you need a pluin to play hide and seek but fort his one you don’t need a plugin to make it hard for the seeker to find the hiden. Just make sure the gamma of the seeker is on 60% to make this map more fun to play. In this map you have a small forest with a river in it, a huge waterfall in which there a tons of places in which you can hide and you have a huge cave from which i will show you a part in this video in which there are tons of places which are really good to hide in. The further you go into the cave, you find more parkour.

Minecraft Xbox 360: Hide ‘n Seek map Showcase: