Aug 30

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: Horses, Servers, Lead Platform Information (News)

1This is a new post about the interview with Mojang about Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and Xbox one,  DLC, Updates etc.  In this interview Mojang have answered questions about the price of Minecraft for the Xbox One, creating own servers on Minecraft for the Xbox One, Horses coming to Minecraft 2for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and a lot more. The thing i would love to see the most on Minecraft for the Xbox One are servers. This means that everyone can create a server or more servers in which people can join. So for example 3you can just find a server that is playing Hunger Games and join a server to your choice. Mojang said this about servers coming to Minecraft for the Xbox One: We are looking into different solutions, however we don’t know when it will work. A lot of people would enjoy servers and we have got a lot of questions about it. It would be similar to what we’re doing Naamlooson the PC. This is some great news. This means that they actually are looking at adding servers to Minecraft for the Xbox One and PS4 and that there is chance that we will be getting servers in the future. I really hope that it will work out because it will make Playing Minecraft on the Console way more fun. Then later in the interview they ask if the PC version always will be the lead platform and Mojang answers for now, yes, but we never know what will happen in the future. I really don’t think that the Xbox and Playstation will become the lead platform in the future because it takes way longer for updated to come out on the Xbox and Playstation, so it’s unlikely that this will happen. Now we come to the horse update again.. 4jStudios confirmed like one and a half year ago that they will be taking a look at bringing horses to the game and we still don’t have the on Minecraft for the Xbox and Playstation, and the guy who’s doing the interview is also asking about it. Microsoft answers with That’s what they are hoping for to come out soon. We’ve been planning that for, like, quite a while. The horse thing is pretty cool. If you don’t tame them properly, like you don’t control them properly, they jump all over which is a nice touch. Yeah it’ll probably be a patch update. This doesn’t confirm anything new about horses coming to Minecraft for the Xbox and Playstation but all it says is that they are looking at it to come out on those platforms. Thanks for reading! -qdengler

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