Dec 03

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: House Defense map Download

This really cool player vs mobs map got made by dakonblackrose and the showcase video got made by qdengler – Minecraft Xbox 360/One & Playstation. This is what the maker of the map said about his map: Hey bros dakonblackrose with another minecraft map this map has redstone all over this build with a batcave/bunker, this house is built to with stand any zombie invasion from full panic mode to full defense mode if your looking for something to show off your friends or just to enjoy this map this is for you and as always this map is modded to have a little boost at the start ill leave the video to show off this epic zombie defense house and if you like hit that like button to show me some love and if your new to my channel and like to see more of these builds subscribe as always im dakonblackrose and ill see you in my next video. (UNDER THE DOOR WAY YOU WILL NEED TO RE START THE REDSTONE IF YOU PUT ON XBOX ONE)

Genre: Player vs Mobs, 1-8 Players.

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: House Defense map Showcase: