Oct 02

Minecraft Xbox 360: The Hobbit map Download (Lord of the Rings)

This map got made by MyAcquaintance and got showcased by qdengler -#1 Source Minecraft Xbox 360 Maps. The last time i was so excited to bring you an adventure map was one month ago with the Harry Potter map which i really loved since it was an exact remake of the movies. This map, is also an exact remake of the movie the Hobbit. The storyline, the buildings, the characters, everything is just the same as in the movies. Try to imagine how much time it have cost the makers of this map the recreate everything from the movie, i just don’t have words for it. The Shire, the beautiful city of the elves, the battle between the huge rocks, everything of the movie got recreated in this map. The storyline is also just the same as the movies. Enjoy!

Minecraft Xbox 360: The Hobbit map Download Showcase: