Aug 29

Minecraft Xbox One: in Cert Testing

1Awesome news for all the Minecraft Xbox players: 4jStudios have handed Minecraft for the Xbox One over to Microsoft for cert testing. This means that if it gets through cert testing which takes around five to ten days, 4jStudios will be ready to launch the game. We will know before september the 8th if my calculations are right if Minecraft for the Xbox One got succesfully through cert testing and maybe we will be playing the game already on that day, who knows! As you may know is that Minecraft for the PS4 failed through Cert Testing so 4jstudios had to fix the bugs that were still there. I really don’t think that Minecraft for the Xbox One will also fail cert testing because 4jstudios will probably if they are smart also fix the problems they had on the PS4 on the Xbox One as well. I just really hope that it will get through cert testing because i am getting pretty tired of the connection and the world size limit on the Xbox 360 so i am really looking forward to start playing it on the next generation consoles. Leave a comment on if you are getting the game for the Xbox One as well! Thanks for reading 🙂 –qdengler