Jan 07

Minecraft Xbox 360: Day Z map Download Hunger Games Survival Zombie

This map got made by a lot of people which can be found in the beginning of the map and got showcased by qdengler – Minecraft Xbox 360.This is a Survival / Hunger Games / Zombie PvP map. You have to play this map with 5 to 8 people and it will take pretty long until there’s a winner because the whole world is filled with stuff. Your goal is to survive in this city in which there’s a virus which turned everyone intp zombies. Try to kill the other players but also make sure you don’t get killed by the mobs. So you can set up your house, craft stuff, find diamonds to kill your enemies. So this is basicly a survival world in which you have to prepare to kill all the other players. It can take you 1 hour or maybe even a couple of days until there’s a winner. Everyone has two lifes and you can build and craft anything you want, tame wolfs and use potions. I really like the idea of this map because it’s something i have never seen before and it’s a mix of the hunger games, survival and zombie pvp which are 3 gamemodes which i really like to play. Enjoy!

Minecraft Xbox 360: Day Z map Showcase: