Jan 14

Minecraft Xbox 360 Mini Games List Download

Minecraft Xbox 360 Block Fall

You have to generate blocks to get to the flying chests and in those chests there are armour and weapons and some blocks to help you make your way to an other skyblock and kill the enemy and destroy the bed.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Zombie Swarm

Similar to COD Zombies. All you have are a lot of arrows, an enchanting table, swords and armour. A zombie spawner is a room above you which drops a lot of zombies. Your goal: kill the zombies and get to the highest level!

Minecraft Xbox 360 Snow Boss Battle

A huge snow boss who shoots arrows etc. at you. Your goal: shoot with your bow all the diamond blocks so a door will open so you can make your way to the snow boss and kill him.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Mini Game Maps Showcase:


Download block fall for Minecraft xbox 360

Download Zombie Swarm for Minecraft Xbox 360

Download Snow Boss Battle for minecraft xbox 360