Feb 10

Minecraft: Xbox 360/One Cloud Haven – The Floating City Map W/Download

This Epic Steam Punk map got made on the PC by lynchyinc and the showcase video below got made on the PC by dakonblackrose, but the map can be played on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. This Epic Ship is a Huge Steam Punk Floating City Map. Enjoy playing!

Cloud Haven – A giant city built upon an ancient airship.

Originally a large mining ship, it would sail from continent to continent, mining the anti-gravity material found in the floating islands nestled upon cloudy blankets.

However, after the catastrophe that was the ‘Void Storm’ All of the land vanished into the void, leaving only the floating shards of land high above in the sky. The only survivors were the inhabitants of the airships high in the sky.

Set 500 years after the Void Storm, Cloud Haven has evolved into a giant city ship, a trading point for others who are lost in the endless cloud-seas. With space at a bare minimum, the inhabitants literally clamber on top of each other to find space to build their homes. Thanks to the anti-gravity material they mined, Cloud-Haven floats gently above the clouds despite its great size.

One of the largest known vessels in the skies, CloudHaven has a population of over 1000.

Explore the ship and get lost in its endless runways, boardwalks and delve deep into the under-city.


You spawn in Survival mode – try and survive on the ship, there are resources available in chests scattered around the ship, as well as villagers to trade with.

See if you can collect enough resources to build your own house on one of the surrounding islands.
There are also 12 music discs hidden around the ship, try and find them!

Genre: Challenge Map, 1-8 players.

Minecraft: Xbox 360/One Cloud Haven – The Floating City Map W/Download