Feb 03

Minecraft Xbox Modded Map W/Download

This minecraft modded xbox 360/one/ps3/ps4 map is a landscape that was inspired by Nordic or Scandinavian landscapes. It features beautiful mountains, grass plains, barren valleys, forests, cliffs and rivers. It is the perfect template for epic creations in Nordic themes. You can use it for adventure maps, minigames, RPG gamemodes or even survival! (note that the map was not designed for survival in particular and may lack essential resources.)

If you want to make your own creations on this map and upload it, you may cut out a fragment of 500×500 blocks max, and upload it, as long as you credit me and link back directly to this project page. If you want to use larger portions of the map, you must ask for permission first! If you are not planning on re-uploading your creations, you do not have to cut out any parts, but always make sure to credit me where it’s due. If you have questions or are unsure about something, please contact me.

Please leave some feedback and appreciation if you like this map!


What features will you find in this world?

– A 2400*3600m landscape with many interesting features
– Small caves and ores. They were generated with WorldPainter
– Trees, plants, foliage
– Mountains, cliffs, islands
– Valleys, rivers, lakes
– Beautiful scenery

Minecraft Xbox Modded Map W/Download