Aug 27

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: New Update Coming Soon (Transfering Maps) + PS Vita Almost in Cert Testing Information

Yesterday 4jStudios confirmed on Twitter that we will be getting a small update on Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 anytime soon. This small update adds the ability to transfer Xbox 360 saves to Minecraft for the Xbox One and Playstation 3 maps to the Playstation 4 ahead of its release.

Xbox OneThis means that you will be able to transfer your survival world or any type of world that you made on the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One and this also means that we will be able to transfer old Hunger Games or Adventure maps for example from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. So once Minecraft for the Xbox One is out you don’t need to wait for new maps to come out but you can just transfer the old ones over. This is some great news for me because i remember that once Minecraft came out for the Xbox 360 everyone was rushing to finish their Hunger Games or Parkour map as soon as possible so their map gets noticed more but that also meant that most of the maps were rushed. We don’t know when this update will be coming out but i think that it will come out this or early next week because i remember that 4jStudios said that Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 would come out in August and it’s impossible for them to get it out in the next few days so they have work really hard for it to come out in early september. -qdengler


VitaMORE NEWS: 4jStudios also said this about Minecraft for the PS Vita! They are handing it over to Sony soon. Cert testing normally takes around one to two weeks and if the games fails cert testing, 4jStudios have to fix the problems. Lets hope it will get through cert testing so that it will come out soon! 🙂