Aug 31

Minecraft Xbox 360: No More Title Updates!? (Discussion, New Hint)

1This is some news that made me pretty sad. In the interview between TotalXbox.com and Mojang there was a question about stoppig bringing out updates for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. TotalXbox asked Owen Hill and Daniel Kaplan this: It’s unlikely that developers are going to squeeze much more out of the Xbox 360 resource-wise. Can you imagine a 2scenario where you can’t add anything to those versions, because the platforms can’t handle it? And Owen Hill replied with just ‘’That makes sense totally’’. So that confirms that if Minecraft comes to a point where the updates are so huge and asks too much from your Xbox 360 or another reason why your Xbox 360 wouldn’t be able to handle it, that they will stop bringing out Updates for Minecraft for the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 came out back in 2005 so is a pretty old device but imagine if they would forget about this console because the console can’t handle the future updates for the game anymore, that would be awfull. I really don’t see how the Xbox won’t be able to handle updates in the future of Minecraft for the xbox 360 because all they add everytime is or a block or a mob but maybe they have bigger plans for in the future, who knows. They even could add the End with the Enderdragon to Minecraft for the Xbox 360 so i don’t really see what kind of other update would be too heavy for the Xbox 360. Yes, This is terrible news for the people that are not planning on getting an Xbox One because they will just be left out. I really don’t hope that the Updates will not be able to bring out on the Xbox 360 anytime soon and i dont think that this will be the case anytime soon, but what we are sure about is that Mojang knows that it will get to a point in the future where they can’t bring out updates for the Xbox 360 anymore. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. –qdengler – Minecraft Xbox & PS3

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