Aug 28

Minecraft Xbox One: Price, Transferring, Details (Interview Discussion)

q1Hello everyone! This is about an interview with Kappische, Mojang and BoPoGaming. In this interview they are talking about Minecraft for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, DLC and Updates. The awesome thing about this interview is that the A1guy who interviews is asking questions where everyone is curious about so it answers a lot of our questions. The first question in this interview is: How do world transfers work between Xbox 360 and Xbox One? We will be getting an update soon which allows us to transfer maps between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One so if you didn;t. The team of mojang answered how transfering maps will work, and it’s actually really easy. All you need to do is start up Minecraft on the a2Xbox 360, choose a map and then upload your save file to  be transferred later by the Xbox One. Then when you upload,  it pops up, and you say ,’OK, download this one’. Thats it. So you don’t need a Flashdrive or anything which is a3some good news because some people don’t have one and if we had to transfer maps via a Flashdrive it would take way longer. Later in the interview they say that you need to have had your Xbox 360 connected to the web. You don’t need to have a Gold account, they just need to see that a a4player has been playing Minecraft. Thats the only way for the system to understand that is, if this Xbox has been connected. Later Mojang said that the world size on the Xbox One is 36 times bigger then the Xbox 360 which is not unlimited but it’s HUGE. I don’t really need unlimited worlds to be honest because i think 36 times the size of the Xbox q1360 maps is enough. Now we come to the most interesting part of this interview. Mojang says that Minecraft for the Xbox One is not massively different from the previous one and that they probably could have made people pay the full price again but that it just seemed a bit harsh. If you have played Minecraft online on the Xbox 360 before then you only need to play 5$ for Minecraft for the Xbox One This means that we don’t have to pay 20$ if you played Minecraft for the Xbox 360 before which is great because in my opinion it would be nonsense if we had to pay the full price again. -qdengler

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