Sep 03

Minecraft Xbox One: Release Date Confirmed (September 5, 2014)

1,2Today 4jStudios shared some awesome news that we have been waiting for a really long time: 4jStudios confirmed on Twitter that Minecraft will launch on the Xbox One this Friday which is september the 5th. If you have never played Minecraft on the Xbox 360 before you can buy the game for 20$ and if you’ve played the game before on the Xbox 360 then you can upgrade to the Xbox One version for only 5$. You can buy the game in the Xbox Store once it’s out. Here are some facts about Minecraft for the Xbox One: The world size is 36 times larger than the one on Minecraft for the Xbox 360, there’s a bigger canvas to create on, you can 2transfer your Minecraft Xbox 360 saves to Minecraft for the Xbox One so you won’t lose any of your content, there’s a four player splitscreen and a multiplayer player limit of 8 which will be increased in future updates. Minecraft for the Playstation 4 won’t launch on this date because it’s still in cert testing but 4jStudios Tweeted that Minecraft Playstation players will get a surprise really soon, and they are ofcourse talking about the release date of Minecraft for the PS4. Make sure you buy Minecraft for the Xbox One as soon it’s out! Leave a comment on this post if you are getting it!  🙂 –qdengler – Minecraft Xbox & PS3