Jul 01

Minecraft Xbox 360: Skywars 2 map Download

This map got made by Broadbent and got modded by oPryzeLP. Welcome to SkyWars 2! SkyWars is a very fun PVP mini game originally created on PC. Use the chest contents and your island resources to battle your enemies! Any rules apply! Last alive wins the game! Broadbent and oPryzeLP created the first SkyWars to change the way we play mini games on the Xbox. As it stands, it is very frustrating and time consuming to set-up and play just one game. Whether it’s trying to get people to listen to the rules, people lagging out, or Redstone lag, it is just too chaotic. SkyWars does not only contain 1 arena, but 4. Using some brand new mods and crazy Redstone, Broadbent and oPryzeLP have created a mini game that is quick and easy to use. Each arena is 100% excluded from the others so it feels like you’re playing on a brand new map when you start a new arena. You can only play the original SkyWars with a max or 6 players, but now you can play SkyWars 2 with all 8. Of course you can also start it with less. The 2 of the maps are easter themed and the other 2 are more serious. Unlike other mini games, SkyWars 1 and 2 are impossible to cheat. There is no way you can walk on the void and there is no way to escape the arena. Broadbent and oPryzeLP have pushed Minecraft Xbox 360 to the limits to make a flawless and enjoyable map. Enjoy! 🙂

Genre: PvP.

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