Mar 06

Minecraft Xbox 360: Stonefire PvP map Download

This awesome map got made by Team Craft and got showcased by qdengler – Minecraft Xbox. There’s two teams. I’d suggest teams of 3 or below, as it can be a little laggy at times. Both teams go to their respective castles, and pick a class. There are three classes, archer, berserker, and warrior. Each has their respective gear. On top of the 3 main classes, both teams get 4 hero classes. The 4 are all a 1 time use. To win, you need to break into the enemy castle, climb to the top, and switch the items in the furnace to blow up a bunch of TNT. There are four ways into each castle. The front gate, two side entrances, and a cliff gate in the back. Each has an obsidian or gravel covering. There’s a 3rd tower that launches the “arrow storm”. All rules can be found in the map. Enjoy!

Minecraft Xbox 360: Stonefire PvP map Showcase: