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Jan 23

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: Woodland Hunger Games map Download

This amazing hunger games map got made on the Xbox 360 by Crysis Doom X, MrHealthyZombie, ItsCitrixNova, Ghost2k10, Melmo Lvs You ,DudeXCraft ,MightyRipples ,Chummys Gaming ,ZShoot2KilZ ,TheOfficialCGR ,ZACH ATTACK3R 7 ,SphericBoot7 ,cRz FusionZz x ,Jbt3377, Emzy255, I Blaze GFX I, ToxicMugOfDeath and Unitiveplanet13 and can be played on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. The showcase …

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Jan 23

Minecraft Xbox/Playstation/PC: Red Dragon Update 1.9

Red dragon 1

Dinnerbone who is a guy that’s working at mojang posted a lot of hints on twitter yesterday about update 1.9 on which Mojang is working at the moment. He was giving out loads of hints about one specific mob. The first thing he said was: Had a super productive day today working on fun 1.9 …

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Jan 21

Minecraft Xbox 360: Harry Potter v2 Adventure map Download

The story has now been made a lot longer, theres 3 different lessons you have to go to , one of them being potions with snape! They’ve also added in Privet Drive, and the house where harry lives and so much more! Plus they have already built the three tasks for the triwizard tournament, sirius …

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Jan 20

Minecraft Xbox 360: Flappy Bird Parkour map Download

This map got made by Updates4you1 and got showcased by The Green Turtle Man. We all know that Flappy Bird is one of the most frustrating games ever made and some guy called Updates4You1 tried to remake the game into a parkour version for Minecraft on the Xbox 360. This version of Flappy Bird is also pretty hard to …

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Jan 20

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: Antlantis Survival map Download

This is a map that got made on the PC and got converted to the Xbox 360/Xbox One and the showcase video is made by The Green Turtle Man. This is a really hard survival map because it is under the water. You can breath under the water with the help of the torch glitch and …

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Jan 19

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: Modded Terrain map Download

This is a map that got made with oPryzeLP his modding tool and got showcased by The Green Turtle Man. This is an amazing, perfect world for survival. You can play on this map alone or with a couple of friends and this is probably one of the hardest survival worlds you will ever face. Enjoy …

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Jan 17

Minecraft Xbox/Playstion: Title Update 20 Change List

Change log for Content Update 8 – January 16th 2015

Changes and Additions:-

- Fix for various Redstone issues.
- Fixed a crash when breaking an Item Frame containing a map.
- Fixed a crash when a Dispenser is dispensing water or lava when the Dispense

Jan 15

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: Simpsons Skin Pack

SkinPack_The Simpsons_Family_1080x1080_V6_No_Sun_B

We will be getting a new Simpsons Skin Pack for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. 4jStudios just posted a couple of Pictures of the brand new skin pack. In the pictures you can see all the main characters of the Simpsons and they look absolutely amazing. I am a realy big fan …

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Jan 14

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: Finding Nemo Adventure map Download

This brilliant Finding Nemo adventure map got made on the Xbox 360 by SwishierSole0 and the map got showcased by The Green Turtle Man. This really cool and detailed adventure map also includes some parkour, puzzles and a great storyline and can be played alone or with a friend. Enjoy playing! Genre: Adventure, 1-2 players.

Jan 13

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: SkyWars 3 – Temples & Towers map Download

This brilliant SkyWars map got made on the Xbox 360 by Broadbent and the video below got made by Bigbst4tz2. This is the third version of Broadbent his SkyWars series. This map includes a lot of different types of areas and can be played with two to eight people, but is the most fun to play with at …

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