Oct 06

Minecraft Xbox 360: The Walls (4 Biomes) map Download

This map got made by Darkheart1413 and got showcased by qdengler -#1 Source Minecraft Xbox 360 Maps. This is a Walls Map which is way different than all other Wall Maps that ever got made for the Xbox 360 because for each corner there’s a different biome. So we have the nether, mountains, ruins and tropical. In every corner there’s other stuff to find and other stuff to do. After three minutes, there’s a wave of mobs in every different biome of different mobs. So in the first three minutes you have to try to get armor and a weapon. The rules are: you can mine anything but glass and the sand of the walls, you can place anything you want, you can’t team kill, when mining try and stay 4 blocks away fro the sand and glass walls, do not mine too far out, do not kill until the sand walls have fallen and have fun. Enjoy!

Minecraft Xbox 360: The Walls (4 Biomes) map Showcase: