Aug 28

Minecraft Xbox/Playstation: Title Update 17 & Title Update 18 (What’s Going On) + News

1This post is about TU17 which will come out soon and TU18. As you probably know is that TU14 was the last big update which included stuff like for example emeralds, anvils, potato’s, new potions etc. This update came out by the end of March in 2014 which is five months ago. Then a few weeks later title update 15 came out which included some bug fixes to fix the problems you had in title update 14. We all thought that Title Update 16 would be the next big update and we all had really big expectations but 2actually this was another bug fix update to fix even more problems that we had in the game. I still remember how dissapointed i was because i thought that Title Update 16 would be the next big update but i told myself once this update came out that its only good that they make this many Bug Fix Updates because it fixes a lot of bugs and glitches that are in the game. This update came out in the middle of May 2014. Now that two bug fix updates were released right after each other we all though that TU17 would be the next Big update because it’s unlikely that 4j would bring out three bug fix updates out right after each other. But unfortunately i was wrong again. TU17 which will come out in less then 8 days if it gets succesfully through Cert Testing will be a small update which includes just one thing: the ability to transfer Xbox 360 maps to the Xbox One and PS3 MCDNSaves to the PS4. I saw on twitter that once 4jStudios announced this that a bunch of people were mad and angry at 4jStudios because this is again not a big Update but i really don’t understand why people are mad at 4jStudios to be honest. The reason for that is because it always takes around half a year for a big Update to come out and only five months ago a the last big update came out. TU12 which was a Big Update came out in August 2013 and TU14 which was the next Big Update came out in March 2014 which was 7 months later. I already knew that 4jStudios just want to finish Minecraft for the Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita before they continue working on the big Update. I can ofcourse Understand that we’re all impatient because i am as well but it’s not strange that TU16 and TU17 were both small updates. Tu18 will hopefully be the next Big Update which will come out in hopefully less than two months but maybe one or two or maybe even three small updates will come out before the next big Update, who knows. What i want to say is that it’s not strange that TU17 is yet again a small Update and that it always have been that we had to wait around 6 months for a big Update to Come out and six Months did not even passed since the last Big Update. Let me know what you guys think!                                                                                   -qdengler