Sep 17

Minecraft Xbox: Title Update 18 is Out (TU18)

TweetAnother update is out for Minecraft on the Xbox and soon also on Minecraft for the Playstation. This is a really small bug fix updates which fixes some stats issues and for the bug causing black holes in the worlds.It is a really small update which you probably won’t even notice. There’s a bigger Minecraf tXbox One and Minecraft Playstation 4 bug fix update underway to fix the other issues people have been finding. 4jStudios said a couple of days ago that they will be focussing on PSVita, PS3 Save Transfer update, fixing Xbox One & PS4 bugs, then on to an update across all consoles. This really small update is a part of the progress on fixing all the Xbox One and PS4 bugs but i personally never thought that it would take them a couple of updates to fix all the problems. What we know now is that they will be bringing out one more big bug fix update for the Xbox One and PS4 and hopefully this will be the last one so that they can focuss on the big Update which hopefully is going to be Title Update 20.