Sep 09

Minecraft Xbox: TU18 and TU19 + More (Title Update 18/19

1,1This post is about a lot of confirmed stuff by 4jStudios about the next update which is Title Update 18, when they will be working at Title Update 19 and more. 4jStudios has given us information about what they will be working at next! First they will be working on Bringing out Minecraft for the PS Vita. They wanted ofcourse to bring out Minecraft for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PS Vita at the same time and that worked out pretty well for the Xbox One and PS4 because they were release at almost the same date, but now that Minecraft is out for those consoles for a couple of days already it is still not out yet for the PS Vita and thats what they really want to finish first, Minecraft for the PS Vita. At the same time they will be bringing out the Transfer Update which is Title Update 17 for Minecraft on the Playstation 3. 400px-Pretty_Scary_Update_posterThis allows you to transfer all of the maps that you have made or downloaded for the Playstation 3 over to the Playstation 4 so you can play those maps on the next generation consoles. And also at the same time they will be working on fixing Xbox One and PS4 bugs.There are always at least some bugs once a new game comes out. This update which is just for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 will be i think Title Update 18 since it’s the next update, and after that they will be working on Title Update 19 which is an update for all consoles. Although it is not confirmed yet but i am pretty pretty sure about this, is that this will be the next BIG Update. This update will, hopefully and there is also a big chance on it, include stuff like horses, bats and the wither boss. I think they want bringing out Minecrat for the PSVita, bringing out the PS3 Save Transfer update and fixing Xbox One & PS4 bugs, this month and after that they will be working on TU19. So 4jStudios has a lot of stuff to do in the next couple of months but hopefully this does not mean that we have to wait longer for Title Update 18 to come out. Thanks for reading. –qdengler – Minecraft Xbox 360/One & Playstation