Dec 01

Minecraft Xbox/Playstation: TU19 Release Date (Lets Talk)

First we take a quick look at the previous Updates that came out for Minecraft on the Xbox and the Playstation:
TU18 came out in the beginning of october which was just a bug fix update for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, TU17 came out at the end of august and was also a bug fix update, TU16 came out in May and was yet again a Bug Fix Update, TU15 came out in the beginning of April and yet again was a Bug Fix Update and TU14 which was the last Big Update that came out for Minecraft came out in March 2014 which is nine freaking months ago. I can’t believe how slow 4jStudios is working because bringing out One Big Update in Nine Months Time is just ridiculous. I mean, how hard is it to add some mobs and items to the game? Well, in this video i won’t be talking about that but about the release date of TU19. 4jStudios didn’t give us any information about the release date yet but they already give us every item, block and mob that we will be getting in this Update. So whats next when you are done giving all the information about what we will be getting in this update? Exactly, sending the Update to Sony and Microsoft to be tested. Once they give us all the information about what we will be getting in an update they send it imediatly to Sony and Microsoft, at least thats what they did with the previous updates so we can expect the same to happen with TU19. SO, now i will answer the big question: When will we be getting TU19? Almost two months ago i said that we would be getting TU19 in two to three months time of of these two to three months there’s only one month left so what i personally think and what would be logic is that 4jStudios will send it to Microsoft and Sony for Cert Testing this week and that it will be out in less than three weeks time for all four consoles.