Nov 24

Minecraft Xbox/Playstation: TU20 All Features

In this post i am bringing you all new items, blocks and mobs that we will be getting in the next big update which will be Title Update 20, at least what we know so far. In this update we will be getting a total of 5 new mobs which is an insane amount because we have never got 5 new mobs in an Update yet. We will be getting one mob which will be extremely hard to defeat which is the wither boss, followed by the wither skeleton and witches and two animal mobs which are bats and horses for which i am most excited because what is more awesome then riding a horse? The list of the new items and blocks that we will be getting in this update is almost too big to tell you in one single video because we will be getting a load of new blocks and items in this update. This is what we know so far that we will be getting: we will be getting beacons, daylight sensors, name tags, fireworks, firework stars, weighted pressure plates, hoppers, beacons, droppers, redstone blocks, TnT Minecarts, redstone comparators, block of coals, hale blocks, leads and hore armor. So thats a load of awesome and usefull stuff that we will be getting in this update and this update is going to be the most awesome update for Minecraft on the Xbox and Playstation ever.

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