Nov 14

Minecraft Xbox/Playstation: TU19/TU20 New Screenshot (Coal Block, Donkey)

In this new picture that 4jStudios just posted on Twitter you can see quiet a lot of things that we will be getting in the next big update. First of all you can see a donkey. It was not confirmed yet if we also would be getting donkeys or just horses but this picture confirms that we also will be getting donkeys. In the inventory you can see a bucket, a pickaxe, a map, a bow, arrows, a shovel and a compass so nothing special about that, but the other stuff that he is carrying is quiet special. In the left corner of the inventory you can see a Hay Bale, a name tagg and a block of coal. This confirms that we not only will be getting a block of redstone but also a block of coal which is really cool. You can also add some sort of a bag to the horse in which you can place stuff for example when your inventory is full. In the background you can see some horses just chilling in the nature and that’s about it for this brand new screenshot! Keep checking MCDN360.com for more information!

HD Picture, Full Size:



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