Oct 25

Minecraft Xbox/Playstation: TU20 Screenshot (Horses, Beacons, Hoppers)

4jStudios just posted a picture on Twitter saying: There’s a huge spider on top of the monitor! and on the monitor you can see the first ever screenshot of Title Update 20. And this is not just a normal picture, because on this picture you can see a new mob and new items and blocks that we will be getting in the Update. On the picture you can see different type of horses, diamond horse armor, a daylight sensor, a redstone, a hay bale and a hopper. So this confirms that we will be getting all of this in the next big update which hopefully won’t take that long until it comes out for Minecraft on the Consoles. I hope that this update will make Minecraft more fun to play and i bet it will. I’ve been waiting for horses for a really long time and now finally after a year we can say that we will be getting them in the next update. Tweet