Oct 14

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: TU20 Stained Clay (Explained & Showcase)

Stained and Hardened Clay are new blocks that we will be getting in the next big update which will be called Title Update 20. Stained Clay, also known as Stained Hardened Clay, is a colored variation of hardened clay. It is available in the same 16 colors that wool can be dyed, although the color is tinted orange. You can make different type of stained clay with 8 hardened clay blocks and one dye. For a hardened clay block you need to place a clay block which can be crafted with four clay in a furnace. Stained clay can be found naturally in mesa biomes. There are 16 different type of color stained clay which you can make with the different type of dyes. As you can see in the gameplay is that Stained clay looks way smoother than Wool and is way better for decorating your house or making huge buildings. So first you need to make clay which you can place in the furnace to make hardened clay, and by adding a dye together with 8 hardened clay blocks you can make stained clay. –qdengler – Minecraft Xbox 360/One & Playstation