Nov 19

Minecraft Xbox 360/One: The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow map Download

This great map got made by oivgaming and got showcased by qdengler – Minecraft Xbox & PS3. Map info:

MCMM is a Survival instincts map with a twist.
A invisible god will be in the game at all time, The god will then randomly select and message a player from within the game and that player will become the murderer.
He/She will be private messaged the co ordinates to the death cave and it will remain a secret as to who has been selected.

Once all players are ready, you must drop your MAP into the chest and take your free set of tools and 16 steaks.

The aim of the game as the murderer is to kill all players whilst remaining anonymous, if the murderer successfully accomplishes this the murderer will win, however, ready for another twist?

Each day and night cycle the players are able to talk to each other and try to figure out who the murderer is, (Note if you are dead, you are unable to put up any input) Once decided on who it is, that player must go to Jail for that day/night cycle, if another murder does not happen (or the accused can admit their crimes) the players will win.

The murderer has to strive to kill at least one player every day and night cycle rather with force with your enchanted diamond sword, or stealth with a bow and arrow.

Chests are scattered around the world to help players survive and have more of a chance to escape the murderer to get a conviction.
Things like Ender Pearls, Night vision and even invisibility potions are in them.

NOTE:Please be advised this map is only 20% complete, but is fully playable as long as everybody abides by the rules of the game. I will release updates to this map as often as possible, and i hope you all enjoy your experience. It is also advised the fantasy texture pack is used, feel free to leave me some comments below or on my YouTube video on any advice or input you think will add to the experience of the map.

Genre: Adventure / Roll Play. Can be played with 4-8 players.

Minecraft Xbox 360: The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow map Showcase: